The Official European Tango School.
Salzburg - Austria

Haunspergstraße 26, The Penthouse, Salzburg 5020 Austria + 43 650 306 6481


El comienzo de los comienzos

Escuela Europea de Tango. Its creation.



The Academia Nacional del Tango de la República Argentina is one of 16 National Academies, as is for example the National Academy of Medicine.
Reports to the presidency of the Nation on the activities of Tango worldwide..

The European School of Tango was created by the Academia Nacional del Tango de la República Argentina through its President, Maestro Horacio Ferrer, therefore officially, to the authorities, media and personalities at the House of Literature in Salzburg, the same day was also founded by him the Academia Nacional del Tango de la República de Austria (National Tango Academy of the Republic of Austria), corresponding to the Academia Nacional del Tango de la República Argentina, on May 11, 2012.

Its authority and authenticity are given by the official source of its creation.

Registered with the Austrian authorities (ZVR-Zahl: 293508408)

Its headquarters are in

Haunspergstraße 26
The Penthouse
Salzburg 5020

Its Director is Maestro Carlos E. Maturano (El Tordo), Academyc Member of the Academia Nacional del Tango de la República Argentina (Res. 0013/2007 CD).
Honorary Director is Illustrious Citizen of Buenos Aires Don Ben Molar, creator of the National Day (and international) Tango.
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Finality among other

The basic purpose of the Escuela Europea de Tango are:


  • To teach the Tango dance styles establishing the patterns that define and characterize.
  • Maintain, investigate and deepen its essence and orthodoxy.
  • Stimulate development avoiding distortions that divert him from his originality and authenticity.
  • Certify the level of its students and graduates.
  • Perpetuate and honor the inheritances of the Masters and Creators. Etc.

(Extracted from the National Executive Power decree Nr. 1235/1990, Argentine Republic, Presidency of the Nation)

“That this national artistic heritage must be collected, organized, studied and finally saved from the possibility of loss or destruction.”

“That tango treasured traditions should be preserved, subject of teaching, to stimulate new creations and be defined nationally and internationally, all organically.”

“That these purposes will be fully and finally satisfied with the creation of the Academia Nacional del Tango de Argentina (National Tango Academy of Argentina) that will meet these and other objects within the operating range established by Articles 1, 2 and 3 of Decree Law 4362 of November 30, 1955, as amended. “


Meet the moments that gave birth to our Escuela Europea de Tango