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Take the Floor Project

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  1. The Association for Culture and Tango (Asociatia pentru Cultura si Tango – A.C.T.)

 A.C.T. is an NGO that was established in 2012, as a result of a project made by an informal group of young people with Youth in Action Program. The mission of the association declared in the organization status is to promote the Argentine tango as “Intangible Cultural Asset”, registered in the list of ‘World Heritage’ as it personifies the cultural diversity, dialogue and represents the essence of a community. Some of the objectives of our association are:


  • Free Tango classes for personal and professional development of our target groups;
  • Promoting projects in domains of education, research and development, health, sports, dance, art, culture, mediation, which by their nature enable the civic initiative;
  • Creating networks between associations/ academies/ tango institutes both at national and international level;
  • Training of tango trainers;
  • International youth exchanges;
  • Support the establishment of associations, clubs aimed at promoting tango;
  • Organizing and supporting activities and projects for the establishment of schools and tango academies;
  • Creating joint programs with the National Tango Academies in Europe and beyond;
  • Facilitating the access of young people to new media tools.


The team of the Association was initially formed of 5 young people who successfully implemented the first project of the association with Youth in Action Program in 2011-2012. The project was so well received by the young participants in high schools that in 2013 -2014 we continued to implement other two projects at university level. This year our association, has formed a University Tango Club that activates under the umbrella of our association and where more then 30 active young people gather on a weekly bases in free tango classes and events organized by them.


As we have already implemented three European projects, the members and volunteers of A.C.T. had the opportunity of learning from practice and acquiring technical, managerial, and strategic knowledge. The activities developed during these projects enabled us to provide material, social and financial services and to gain visibility through public advocacy, lobbying, public education and mobilization of our volunteers. During these projects we have taught young people the language of tango, preparing trainings, seminars, conferences; we have made new partnerships with local and national organizations; we have made different online campaigns (Google AdWords) based on the needs of our target groups; we have promoted the projects and the benefits of the Argentine tango in mass-media, on the social networks and sites of the association. From 2012 we have formed more then 500 young people and we have helped them increase their level of confidence, socialization, improvisational skills, spontaneity and creativity, volunteering and lifelong learning.


During these projects we have seen the educational problems faced by the young people in high schools and universities: lack of infrastructure to practice sports/dance activities; low levels of participation in sport courses offered by colleges / universities, low socialization between students; lack of good posture, attitude, lack of entrepreneurship skills, lack of youth centers and social clubs. Therefore, the members and volunteers of the Association for Tango and Culture have agreed on a strategy, for the next years (2014 – 2020), dedicated to make a difference in the education of our association members, students, and the communities we serve. The vision of A.C.T. is to improve the dance techniques and curricula in Europe and beyond as we have seen the benefits that tango can bring to young people: creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship. The means for doing that is to make a European Master Program in Tango. The steps that we have identified in order to achieve this goal are the following:


  • Developing good partnerships in education and dance in the frame of the Program Erasmus+
  • Creating written materials (open Intellectual Property) of dance/tango with strategic partners
  • Designing a Master Program in Tango/Accreditation of the Master with strategic partners
  • Creating a JOINT MASTER DEGREE in Tango with strategic partners


The present project “TTF” (Take the Floor) will mean the start for this Program – establishing the strategic partners for the program and create written materials of dance/tango with the help of students and sports/tango teachers.  The intellectual property materials that we want to create are: Beginners Tango Curriculum; Intermediate Tango Curriculum; Train the trainers Tango Curriculum

Part of future steps in the program we will make the necessary arrangements so that the materials will get accreditation and the competences acquired through the participation in these courses will be recognized.


  1. The University of Bucharest

The University of Bucharest (UB) is one of the most important institutions of higher education in Romania. In the 150 years of existence, it has come to have a solid national and international prestige. A survey conducted in 2007 by the famous publication “The Times Higher Education Supplement” placed the UB in the top 500 in the world, the only university in the country present in this prestigious international publication.  The University of Bucharest is also integrated into a strong international collaboration network: 300 bilateral cooperation agreements with universities in 52 countries.

The University is a member of European or international organizations such as the Association of European Universities (CRE), the Association of Francophone Universities (AUPELF-UREF), Association of Universities of the Capitals of Europe (UNICA), University Network in South East Europe. The University of Bucharest has established links with governmental and non-governmental organizations in different countries: DAAD, IREX, USIA, Humboldt Foundation, Volkswagen, Fulbright, Sasakawa.


During our last projects – “A.C.T.!” and “Partener EU” we had as partner the University of Bucharest. The UB put at our disposal a classroom where every Tuesday we held tango classes for all the interested students in Bucharest. More then 150 unique students joined these classes during the academic year 2013-2014. As our classes had such a great impact on the students, the UB also authorized us to organize tango demonstrations on the biggest halls of the University where students, together with tango dancers from the tango community in Bucharest danced socially and promoted our petition for the making of a National Dance Strategy.


Associate Professor Dr.Daniela Aducovschi




  1. The Association TangoVida – Slovakia


TangoVida is a non-profit organization aiming at connecting people with the culture of Argentinian tango by teaching Argentinian tango as a dance, organizing workshops, seminars, tango marathons, concerts and other tango events. Through the presentation of the dance and its culture, TangoVida tries to build awareness of Argentinian tango and improve communication between people in a social aspect.


TangoVida is organizing regular tango classes for people in Slovakia since beginning of 2014 and also participating in events spreading the awareness of Argentinian tango like flashmobs, free presentations and public tango events etc.

TangoVida people are experienced in teaching tango, organizing international tango events and promoting tango culture.

Lucia & Deniz Hazir are the representatives of the Association Tango Vida. They are organising not only workshops, tango marathons, lessons with maestros, milongas and each every dance but also events about books, stories, movies, all kind of arts. As they believe in tango, its social aspect and they are happy to share it, in August 2012, they started to publish a free monthly tango e-magazine gancho (in English and Slovak). –



Lucia Hazir (President)

Deniz Hazir (Vicepresident)



Other schools of tango that want to support our project, without budget:


  1. Tango School “Learning Tango” from UK –they are the only tango school from UK that has developed a written Learning Tango Syllabus used at thier classes with different sections about core movements, common patterns, dancing. After several exchanges of e-mails about our common interest in tango written materials, we decided to know each other better. They are very enthusiastic to share their knowledge and materials with us and also contribute to the writing of our joint dance/tango curriculum to further popularize this dance worldwide and to explore new teaching methods in Europe.
  1. Cultural Association «Academia del Tango»: as Vangelis Hatzopoulos and Marianna Koutantou won the tango European championship last year, they started touring around Europe and they were in Romania several of times. When they were in Cluj – our local partner Compania de Tango Cluj presented them the project and they agreed to contribute with their knowledge to the project. Their expertise in teaching and performing will help our consortium partnership to benefit from a lot of visibility as they are last year European Champions in Tango Salon.
  1. The Association “Compania de Tango Cluj” and the School “Atelierul de Tango Iasi”, Romania – they were our partners in the project “Partener EU” and we worked very well with their teams. Their teachers – Ioana Lascu and Horia Pop (Cluj), and Cristian Crang and Iulia Gordan (Iasi) will also attend the national final conference that will take place in Bucharest.
  1. Association Tita Merello, Paris-for 15 years the association offers courses and free practices that gather historians, specialists in anatomy of dance movement, anthropologis.


All these organisations are happy to volunteer for Curricula related activities: input on creation of tango curricula; 1 lesson from each curricula delivered by their students; collection of feedback from their students for the delivered lesson; promotion of curricula on their site/social networks.

This consortium  will support a project-based collaboration between our NGO and tango schools, academies, students and university teachers in order to create a joint curriculum in the dance field (tango), based on the needs of the students.

The motivation guiding all the partners involved in the project “TTF” (with or without budget) is to foster in our students/young people the skills and abilities of volunteering and entrepreneurship.




Take the Floor_Partners Meeting_10.02.2015 (PDF)