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Project Cultura taNGO

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In Romania, unlike other European countries and not only, the field of performing arts like Argentinian tango (live music-tango-theater) is almost nonexistent, which is why there is a real need both for the dancers of argentine tango, and also for the musicians to begin their artistic debut in this field.

Thus there is a need to change the existing offer in the music / dance Argentine tango, with an offer of live performance, to satisfy the audience on several levels – dance, music, theater.

The project “Cultura taNGO”, initiated by the Association for Culture and Tango in partnership with the National Tango Academy of the Republic of Austria and the musician conductor / pianist / guitarist Mariano Castro, will last six months (May-November 2015), and will involve masters of music and dance from Romania, Austria and Argentina.

The main objectives of the project are: The making of an information campaign for tango dancers artists, on stage Argentinian tango culture – to encourage artistic debut in this area; Creating a training seminar for 10 selected artists, tango dancers in the art of performing Argentine tango; The realization of two shows for the general public in two towns in Romania (Bucharest and Craiova), with live tango music and trained tango artists.

The “Culture Tango” will involve 10 tango dancers and 5 musicians that will prepare a show that is going to be presented in two cities in Romania in front of an audience of about 500 people in total. After the completion of the project financing, the show will be duplicated in the major cities in Romania and beyond, creating the prerequisites to encourage the artistic debut in music-tango-theater Argentine tango art nationally and to encourage the cultural mobility in Romania and not only.

Among the main results of the project we can mention: two shows with live music and dance of Argentine tango, 3 videos promoting the project and the events and 1 site.

The direct beneficiaries of our project are: tango dance artists and musicians who want to specialize in performing arts of Argentine tango. The indirect beneficiaries are young students who want to make a career in the performing arts of Argentinian tango, The National Cultural Fund Administration, the Ministry of Culture, The Youth and Sports Minister, The Ministry of Education, the event organizers of music shows, theater and dance in Romania.

“Culture Tango” will be a unique project in Romania, both in terms of innovation brought by the show that combines three arts fields – live music, dance, theater, and its uniqueness on the theater scenes and institutions of culture / art in Romania.